Pay with PayPal at Online Casinos

Online gambling is a popular pastime that is growing all over the world. But many new players fail to understand the risk that they take whenever they use their personal credit cards or debit cards to pay in an online casino. In fact, there’s a real chance that you become a victim of identity theft is you use your card to pay directly in any online gambling site. Thankfully, using an online payment system like PayPal gives you the flexibility, speed, and security that you need to manage your online bankroll.

Casinos allowing PayPal

PayPal has revolutionized Online Casino industry

The internet has changed the way in which people have gambled for centuries. Those players who are old enough will remember the time when people met in local casinos to play cards with other people or to test their luck betting against the house. Then came the internet and an explosion in the popularity of gambling, with millions of new players joining from all over the world. As the popularity of online gambling grew, the inherent security weaknesses in their card-based payment method became more obvious. Something needed to be done about it, and that’s when PayPal came to the rescue.

PayPal was created to allow quick and secure online money transactions, and has had such a big impact in online commerce and banking that it has become the leading online payment system in the world. Today PayPal has more than 100 million active users in 190 countries, who use 25 different currencies from all over the world. This has made it the go-to site for online casinos that wish to offer its users a simpler way to make money deposits and withdrawals. But thanks to its massive success, sometimes it’s easy to forget PayPal’s humble origins.


PayPal was the brainchild of Elon Musk, the South African-born innovator who in the 90’s saw an opportunity to create an online business that offered secure electronic money transfers across the globe. What he ended up creating became the world’s de facto digital wallet, and directly revolutionised online gambling, which to this day has made PayPal casinos the dominant online gambling sites.

As PayPal grew, it became a familiar payment method used in PayPal casino sites, money transfers, and online shopping sites. In 2002 eBay, one of the biggest e-commerce businesses in the world bought the company and strengthened its use in online shopping sites. Unfortunately, eBay prohibited the use of PayPal in gambling sites, which forced many online casinos to drop it from its payment options. But in 2015, barely two months after PayPal split from eBay, it was announced that PayPal would be getting back into online gambling, and the number of online casinos that accept PayPal has been growing ever since.


Many things have changed since the 1990’s when Elon Musk had his idea to create an effective electronic banking system. PayPal’s popularity has motivated the creation of other online payment companies, which have tried to imitate its business model with varying degrees of success. But yet none of them have come close to dethrone it as the leading e-payment system. PayPal still remains the preferred payment option for sites that wish to offer their users a safe and easy method to make money transfers.


Creating your own PayPal account is the perfect way to safely make deposits and withdraw money in an online casino. Go to PayPal’s website ( and register a new account. You will have to fill some forms with your personal information, and after you’ve created the account you can select a payment method to put funds on your e-wallet. You can make a deposit from your bank account, add a credit/debit card, or simply ask a friend to transfer you money. Once your account has been verified and has funds, you can start using it in any online casino that supports PayPal. There are thousands of PayPal casino from which to choose online. Once you found one you like, go to their payment section and add PayPal as a payment option, along with the amount of money that you want to deposit, or withdraw from your bankroll.

Why keep risking your sensitive banking information when you fund your online casino account? Create your PayPal account now and enjoy the speed, flexibility, and security that only the leading e-wallet service in the world can provide.


Safety is a big concern for any online casino service, which is why PayPal has continued to substitute the use of credit/debit cards as payment method in many online gambling sites. Gamblers who use their cards to manage their bankroll put themselves at risk of identity theft because their banking information stays in the casino’s servers. But those who use PayPal casinos are effectively protecting themselves from this risk because PayPal acts as the middle man between you and the casino, managing your payments and withdrawals without ever needing to give your private information to the casino. Instead, you only need to link your email to your casino account, and you’ll have a secure way to transfer money in and out of your bankroll.


PayPal’s mobile app allows online gamblers to make mobile payments on the go. Many popular online gambling sites have expanded their platforms to include portable versions for mobile users, which has allowed players to connect to their favorite casinos anytime, anywhere, but at the same time created the need for a secure method to manage their funds while on the move. PayPal’s mobile app has met this demand by making it possible to transfer money in and out of your favorite casino through your own smartphone of tablet computer. This revolutionary step has allowed the spectacular growth of online gambling since more and more players prefer to use mobile devices for their convenience.


While other online payment methods fail to adapt to new changes, PayPal has met every new challenge with a solution intended to make their customers’ lives easier. This is what they showed the world when they pioneered the first reliable online e-wallet, and then again when they launched their mobile app. PayPal’s goal is to offer instantaneous deposits and withdrawals to its users, which is why they have expanded the variety of funding methods accepted. PayPal casino websites haven’t failed to take advantage of these developments, which the main reason behind their leading role in the online gambling market. This means that in addition to your credit/debit card and bank transfers you can also use prepaid cards, gift cards, and even Bitcoin wallets to manage your account’s bankroll in a way that is smooth and bears as little risk as possible.


In spite of its advantages, PayPal does have some restrictions which limit its use in some online casinos. Some countries – like the United States, Turkey or India – still keep a tight control on the use of online payment sites like PayPal, so if you want to visit a PayPal casino website in these places don’t be surprised if it’s blocked because they didn’t comply with their stipulations. But still, PayPal’s use in online casinos has continued to grow because it is well-suited to the needs of the online gambling industry.